AboutMyBeaches welcomes Miken Builders and Betterliving Patio & Sunrooms of Delmarva, Millville, Delaware, Celebrating 25 Years in the Business


Many years ago when my husband and I came to Bethany, the “scene” was very different.  But, that’s what we liked about it.  Small town, great place to bring up a family.  Through my children I met most of my friends.  Some I saw frequently and some just once in a while.  One thing is for sure; all those friends are still there.

I met Mike Cummings and his family at the Pyle Center in Roxanna.  Yeap, we were in Little League.  Rain or shine; early mornings and at times early evenings, as well.  Roxanna is near Bethany Beach.  I am sure Mike remembers all that.  We were also on the same team.  I have forgotten if we were good or not.

Through the years I have met parents through sports and some were very intense.  Mike is one of the few people that I know that has kept it constant.  Even temper, friendly, caring, good sense of humor, and a consummate professional in his work.  It was like that then, and it is now, as well.

He is the Founder and CEO of Miken Builders, located at 32782 Cedar Drive, Millville, DE 19967.  Tel. 302-537-4444.  Cell 302-381-0773 and website, www.mikenbuilders.com.  You can find Miken Builders on Facebook.

The website will give an insight on this commercial and residential construction company.  You can also find them on the right hand side of my website and just with a click you will have direct access into his site.

Through the years Miken Builders has built a reputation as a company that is well respected in the community with high standards and superior craftmanship.

Mike’s company has received so many awards in construction and renovation from Associated Builders & Contractors.  You can see those on the website, and you will also be able to see other awards and memberships in charitable organizations.  Yes, Mike and his company have given back to the community.

Personally, I can recommend Miken Builders fully.  I just used the company to do renovations in my house.  His staff, well, I cannot say enough.  Suggestions, designs, and carrying the job through in the most efficient way was good to see and experience.

Under Miken Builders, there is BetterLiving Patio & Sunrooms of Delmarva.  Same address, but the telephone is 302-251-0000.  Website?  delmarvasunrooms.com. This Miken Builders’ company is the exclusive provider of Betterliving 3-season, year-round sunrooms and awnings.  They can transform an unused deck or patio into a totally different room; a focal point of your home.

No job is too small for Miken Builders.  You can call Mike personally.  I just gave you his cell and have him give you an estimate for any work needed around your house.  If you are planning on building a house in the Delmarva Peninsula, you will not be disappointed if you are dealing with him, his company, and staff.

Talk to you later….have a good one!!

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